Davide Individual Film – Alpe D’huez

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… And finally the mobile video everybody was waiting for!

For this video, a group of friends and I went on the University Ski trip to Alpe D’huez in France. We went with a GoPro Hero 3 Silver Edition and GoPro Hero 3 Black Edition. I also used footage from my years in Colorado, where I was working at Winter Park Resort.

I chose to use Go Pro, because it is a perfect camera for a non-professional extreme sports video. The cameras are small enough not to get in way of the person it is attached to, as well as being tough, durable and being able to withstand harsh environments. Which for filming skiing is AMAZING! Save lugging an expensive camera around and worrying if you will break it.

The best aspect about Go Pro is we can attach it anywhere and everywhere! For this video, we had it on; A helmet, chest mount and pole mount. This can provide many different shot types, rather than the traditional Mobile video shots.

I shot most of the footage in 10 80p, but due to using some older footage from Colorado, I had to scale down to 720p. I would have like to shot more slow motion footage, especially for skiing, but when we were filming, we didn’t have it on the right setting, so conserve memory and battery.

Throughout the whole Ski holiday we got over 100gb of raw video files as well as having previous videos from Colorado. So I had lots of footage to choose from, almost too much! There is so much more I would like to include, but I have to adhere to the brief.

I chose Gramatik’s ‘Muy Tranquilo’ because I think it sums up what I feel when skiing.


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