Shooting Ice Hockey in Altrincham

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Yesterday I went with Isaac Dean to film the Manchester Minotaurs against Sutton Sting National Ice Hockey League (NIHL) at The Silver Blades Ice Rink in Altrincham. We had a 3 camera set-up which you can read about on Isaac’s post from the previous week.


This was my Camera position.


This was Isaac’s Camera position.

Even though I am fairly familiar with Ice Hockey and the rules, I was still kinda surprised at speed I had to move the camera. For the first period, I made the mistake of being to zoomed in to keep up with the speed. But for the rest of the game I slowly learnt and got better at reading the game for the camera. There were many goals during the game, ending in a Six- Four win to the Sutton Stings. So both Isaac and I will have some good shots!

We will begin editing on Monday, and have a good video ready for you soon. I will write a more technical blog soon about the whole process. But you can read the previous week’s filming and editing here:

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